Monday, 27 July 2009


It was time to leave China – and my exit route was down the legendary Karakoram Highway into Pakistan.

I'd met Jay in Dunhuang and then again in Kashgar, and as he was heading to Karakul Lake we decided to head to the bus station together. The plan was to spend a night at Karakul with it's amazing lake and mountain scenery and then head into Pakistan the following day.

Except the driver never stopped – and we ended up in the border town of Tashkurgan. Not a problem – as I wasn't that bothered about seeing the lake (being way too excited about going to Pakistan) and Jay could stop at the lake on his way back.

Roadside market stop on the way to the border:

On the road:

White sand dunes near one of the lakes:

The 7546 meter peak Muztagh Ata:

Towards Pakistan:

As border towns go – Tashkurgan isn't that bad – and after getting a room for the night, we headed out to see the ancient stone fort that overlooks the area.

The views are breathtaking, back towards China, and then away, down to the valley and my next destination: Pakistan.

View from Tashkurgan Fort:

And the walls of the fort:

When we got back to the hotel we sat out and ate incredible Chinese food, and had a few cold beers – my last for a while given that Pakistan is dry. Here's some of the amazing things on the menu :-)

Ahhh...wood shall be meat - my favourite:

And capsule speculation of meat - excellent - we'll take two:

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